Spelling Bee- Concurso de Ortografia- Dec 8, 2016

Welcome to Central Elementary

2014-2015 Honor Roll School

Winter Break

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StudentS of the Month -Estudiantes del mes

In December our students celebrate being:


D- Determined and Responsible

Student luncheon will take place

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The following students will have lunch with the principal.

Michael Urquidez

Alyssa Dagnino

Rosemary Carrillo

Fernando Morales

Margarita Rocha

Kayla Chavez

Rosa Garcia

Iliana Guichard

Alyssa Martinez

Adrian Casillas

Jonathan Gonzales

Mateo Fernandez

Grace Ojeda

Mason Ray

Austin Yang

Angel Baustista

Priscilla Rivera

Giselle Ash

Omar Shehata

Kristin Hendrix

Elexa Salas

David Villegas

Anndreya Cassadas

Jack Alderman

Thomas Felix

Teresa Zarazua

Isabella Herrera

Samantha Rosado

Savannah Turcios

Alexis Silva

Mikenzy Tausinga

Ashley Perez


August Students of the Month

Perfect Attendance Party - December 2, 2016

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5 de Mayo


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McTeacher Night

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