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Central School's 1,000,000 Word Challenge !!!

Word goals per student

    Proficient Word Count    

    1st grade -12,000

2nd grade - 60,000

3rd grade - 150,000

4th grade - 175,000

5th grade - 200,000

    Advanced Word Count    

    1st grade - 60,000

2nd grade - 200,000

3rd grade - 450,000

4th grade - 550,000

5th grade - 650,000

AR is used as a learning tool at Central School.  Students choose their own books and they read at their own pace.  They are encouraged to read books according to their ability level and are quizzed later to check for comprehension.  The quizzes are taken on a computer and students receive immediate feedback.  Students are challenged without being frustrated.  AR helps us get students excited about books.  Ask your child's teacher about AR.
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